Benefits of CBD Oils for Dogs

July 2, 2021by Dinah Chen0

CBD Oils for humans have been gaining popularity among natural personal care gurus, beauty enthusiasts, and natural remedy fanatics for some years now. There is no doubt that recently this trend has been extended to the world of our four-legged friends. As for now, the claimed benefits of CBD oils for dogs overlap those if you begin to use them yourself. In general, CBD oils help your pups to stay calm for separation anxiety or other emotional distress, as well as provide them a level of relaxation and soothing if they suffer from some chronic discomfort. 

Just like CBD oils for humans, these dog-oriented little oil bottles have received mixed reviews and their fair share of questions, ranging from if it works to if it harms. There are passionate advocates. There are passionate doubters, too. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at 3 of the most popular beliefs of how CBD Oils benefit dogs and see if they make sense. Hopefully, it’ll help you to make an informed decision when it comes to making a purchase of CBD pet care products.

Claim 1: CBD Oil helps dogs with pain management.

If you perform a basic search online, the first phrase coming up after “CBD” is likely “pain relief.” A lot of humans put hope in the little CBD oil bottle to deal with their own chronic pains. Some even report great results. However, there are no official studies or approval on the miraculous effects CBD products can have on the pains. Nevertheless, human consumers keep on the enthusiasm. 

Similar to the status of their human counterparts, the benefits of CBD Oils for Dogs in pain management are not backed up by official organizations such as American Kennel Club, or veterinarians. However, American Kennel Club also acknowledges the testimonials from dog owners that CBD oils and their related products seem to be helpful to dogs who suffer from neuropathic pains, low-level pains, and seizures. So if you’re wondering if CBD oil helps dogs with pain management? Well, we’d like to give the same advice we give to our human consumers, talk to your “doctors” first. 

Claim 2: CBD Oil calms dogs with anxiety. 

According to, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has officially proved that CBD is able to reduce stress in animals such as rats. This result increases the confidence of consumers to use CBD-related products to improve generalized anxiety disorder. Although more studies need to be done about the effects of CBD on humans and other animals, anxiety has become one of the most popular health problems people associate with CBD. It is no exception in the pet care world. 

When dealing with an anxiety-riddled puppy, it is suggested to patiently take it to get used to the trigger of its anxiety while making use of CBD oil’s calming effects as a supplement or alternative treats to encourage the right behaviors. Although derived from the hemp plant, CBD oils contain almost no THC, the psychoactive agent to get “high”, so you can add the oil into your dog’s treats or food without any worries. 

Claim 3: CBD Oil improves dogs’ general health. 

The most commonly believed benefit of CBD oils in improving the general health of dogs comes from the anti-inflammatory agents Cannabidiol (CBD) consists of. These anti-inflammatory agents are believed to provide a sense of therapeutic relief on joints and other pain points, especially for elderly dogs. Hence, it could help improve the dog’s life expectancy. Another benefit of CBD oil derives from CBD’s ability to nourish and encourage healthy hair growth. Just like in the human world where beauty companies add natural CBD oil to the hair shampoo to prevent or decrease hair loss, pet care manufacturers apply this method to dog shampoos hoping for the improvement of hair shedding. 

There might be many reasons why a dog sheds excessively, such as skin infection, stress, and allergies. Interestingly, almost all of the problems mentioned above fall into the category of situations where CBD oil is widely used as a natural remedy. For example, skin infection causes a dog to scratch the infected patch uncontrollably and eventually leads to baldness or extreme hair sheds. The calming and anti-itch effect of CBD oils effectively improves the situation. 

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